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Achieving the optimum solution for your company situation

After exploratory discussion, our first move is a rapid but thorough appraisal of your business, together with an assessment of fair market value.  We discuss the implications with you, and agree on a course of action, which is likely to include one or more of:

Capital raising

Finding and appraising a buyer for the business, or new major  shareholder, or companies for you to acquire

Advising on BEE strategy, and finding an appropriate BEE partner

Preparing an Information Memorandum and Business Plan to enable capital raising and dealings with buyers/sellers/business partners

We work with leading private equity firms and the structured finance departments of  banks in order to raise capital on the best terms and in appropriate proportions of debt and equity. In  all  these activities  we work with you and with a your other professional advisers from start to finish to achieve the optimum outcome.

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